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dayu's flood control is deeply popular | kystar helps dayu's cultural inheritance!-爱游戏官网平台

2020-10-29 1533
dayu, the founder of the xia dynasty, the first dynasty in china, was a flood control leader who led the people to fight the flood in the 13th year of the ancient flood and famine period. dayu memorial hall, located in dayu mausoleum scenic area, is the important place to commemorate the founding emperor and the spatial carrier of dayu spirit in the contemporary era. carry forward dayu culture and inherit dayu spirit. kystar perfectly combines sound, light, electricity and art design, and creates an immersive exhibition hall with five super large screens to help the inheritance and development of dayu culture with science and technology.


kystar's complete set of equipment helps:

s4 × 40

ks9800 × 2

g612c × 928

kommander f2 × 4


project details:

left screen 4160 × 2320

main screen 5760 ×2320

right screen 4160 × 2320

sky curtain 5760 × 4160

ground curtain 5760 × 4160


shaoxing dayu memorial hall used two ks9800 multi picture splicers and four kommander f2 multimedia servers to complete the point-to-point high-definition display of the on-site super-resolution screen.


ks9800 supports frame synchronization technology and interfaces with kommander f2 server to ensure complete frame synchronization of multiple servers and realize point-to-point display of 16k and above super-resolution screens. the ks9800 single machine can support up to 360 pictures, and a single output port can open up to 24 pictures. it can easily complete the on-site five screen control and multi picture arbitrary layout display.


kommander f2 applies the unique algorithm of kystar to build the rendering core, obtains smooth playback effect when processing high bit rate and high-resolution video, and solves the problem of jamming in large-resolution video playback. it supports hardware decoding, which can easily complete the decoding of video files with 8k or even greater resolution, and provide ultra-high definition image quality guarantee for the video system from the source.


the memorial hall is additionally equipped with 40 s4 controllers and 928 g612c receiving cards, which makes the operation more convenient and the display more realistic.


the data read back and repair function of s4 ensures that the user can quickly read the correct configuration parameters from the receiving card when replacing the controller, and there is no need to reconfigure, which improves the convenience of operation; in addition, the brightness sensor data input is supported to ensure that the display brightness of the screen in the library can be adjusted automatically according to the brightness of the environment.


g612c supports kystar color restoration technology and arbitrary frequency doubling technology, solves the pain point of red display on industry led display screen, presents more real color, can adjust the frequency doubling to match the working frequency of camera equipment, effectively eliminates the scanning line of shooting, and makes the image clearer.

high quality products and excellent technology are the insistence of kystar. in the future, kystar will continue to forge ahead with the original intention of "vision leading, more than just reaching".