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4k business display conference screen solution-爱游戏官网平台

2020-09-23 1262
simulation diagram of external interface definition


major function

support 4k@60hz input resolution, and downward compatible.



the system structure is simple

1. sending end: joint efforts of master control and sub control

the sending end of the main control carries the android motherboard, which can project the screen of the internal signal source and receive the external signal source at the same time.

the main control and sub control are connected with each other, and the whole screen playback is realized through image interception and splicing.

both internal and external systems can meet 4k signal projection.


2. receiving end: escorted by original technology

the system has the unique color restoration, arbitrary frequency doubling and other technologies of cassida to ensure high-quality display effect.


multiple display modes

1. built in android system, which can install a variety of apps.

2. it can be externally connected with 2-way signal source input, and the signal source can switch the display.


3. support mobile phone / tablet / pc projection display.

remote control convenient control

the remote control can realize the functions of signal source switching, volume adjustment, brightness adjustment, one key switch on and off, a variety of interface settings, wifi, infrared touch, panel keys and other functions, and the structure supports diy.

more features

touch screen function: it can be externally connected with infrared frame to realize the function of electronic whiteboard.

key board: the key board can be connected externally, and the number and type of interfaces can be customized.

keyboard and mouse control: it can be controlled by external keyboard and mouse.

audio input and output: 3.5mm audio output, mic audio input.

external rj45 network port can be connected to the network.

small size: small volume, can be built into the box.

split screen function: multi signal projection and display on the screen at the same time.