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kystar helps the 3rd china international fair (shanghai)!-爱游戏官网平台

2020-11-11 1323

the expo has six exhibition areas: technical equipment, consumer goods, automobiles, food and agricultural products, service trade, medical devices and medical and health care, with a total exhibition area of nearly 30000 square meters larger than that of the previous one. many enterprises carry new products, new technologies and new services for "global launch and china's first exhibition".

in this expo, kommander multimedia broadcast control server appeared in the central square of the national convention and exhibition center (shanghai) and more than ten exhibition areas such as nestle, dell, greenland, amore, poulos, kpmg and ford.

the central square is a comprehensive image display area for people to people and cultural exchanges. there are not only well-designed booths in many provinces, regions and cities in china, but also cultural image displays in italy, nepal and other invited countries. with its unique frame synchronization technology, kommander multimedia broadcast control server provides on-site 8.5m × 1m ice screen and 10m × the 3m inner arc screen is centrally controlled, which effectively shows chinese traditional culture and adds a beautiful memory of the integration of chinese culture and the world.

  kommander multimedia broadcast and control server adds color to more than ten exhibition areas such as nestle, dell, greenland, amore, poulos, kpmg and ford, provides arrangement guarantee for better displaying the charm of enterprises and brands, and helps enterprises obtain greater business opportunities.


the powerful playlist function increases the convenience of operation. the on-site pictures can be divided and combined, and can be converted freely. multiple videos can be played in cycles to perfectly display the image of nestle.



the large screens of different modules are operated at the same time, and the advanced screen management function ensures that the regular display of playing materials is not deformed.



it supports the hardware decoding function and provides ultra-high definition image quality guarantee for the video system from the source. one server can easily play two files and materials with ultra-8k resolution.



multiple output, multiple broken screens, small screens and one server are all completed to realize the real unified editing management.



four channel 4k-dp configuration, sixteen channel 2k-dvi configuration or user-defined hybrid configuration, support multi-channel synchronous splicing and multi screen free assembly, and easily realize the synchronous management of super multi screens.



the special-shaped screen can be spliced freely, and the screen can rotate at any angle to outline the desired picture shape.



equipped with the plan and timeline dual-mode broadcast control system, combined with professional system optimization, it greatly ensures the stability of on-site broadcast control.

    the third china international fair is an exhibition with the largest scale, the largest number of participating countries and the combination of online and offline held in china under the condition of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, which provides china with opportunities to promote the recovery of the world economy. kystar will adhere to innovation driven, provide more quality products and services, and help the sustainable development of the world economy!