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new product release | kt4/kt4pro/kt6 visual multimedia splicing processor-爱游戏官网平台

2020-03-09 2308
visual panel operation

the front panel is equipped with a 4.3-inch true-color monitor screen, which can monitor the output picture or the input signal picture in real time to realize the visual panel operation, which greatly increases the reliability of signal management.



multi-platform wireless projection screen

kt4/kt4pro/kt6 has a built-in wifi hotspot, which enables smart devices with different systems such as android, ios and windows to directly display contents on the screen through wireless means.




four-way splicing output

kt4/kt4pro/kt6 supports four-channel dvi synchronous mosaics output, with a maximum of 10.4 million pixels, a maximum of 16,000 pixels and a maximum of 8,000 pixels.



six screen arbitrary layout

kt4/kt4pro/kt6 supports the simultaneous display of six channels of the same or different signals, and the picture can be arbitrarily arranged across the screen. it can not only complete the single-screen multi-signal display, but also easily realize the centralized control of multiple screens.



multiformat signal video processing

kt4/kt4pro/kt6 supports six channels of video signal input, including 1 channel dp signal, 1 channel hdmi signal, 1 channel dvi signal, 1 channel pandora local playback signal, 2 channels can be configured as hdmi, dvi or sdi custom signal.




equipped with pandora multimedia system

kt4/kt4pro/kt6 is equipped with pandora's multimedia system, which is capable of offline multimedia playback. it has a built-in wifi hotspot, and users can edit and manage multimedia files through the kommander pe or pandora's box app.

at the same time, users can manage kt4/kt4pro/kt6 in the cloud through the kares system.




signal and mode switch seamlessly

kt4/kt4pro/kt6 supports a seamless transition between broadcast-level fade in and out effects, no matter in the signal switching of a single picture or in the screen layout mode.




multi - machine cascade splicing

kt4/kt4pro/kt6 supports frame synchronization technology and can cascade multiple machines through the dvi-loop interface to achieve seamless splicing of large screens.




multi - stage signal hot backup

kt4/kt4pro/kt6 supports multi-stage hot backup, and can specify multiple backup signals for a certain signal. when the signal fails, the backup signal will be switched automatically.




kt4/kt4pro/kt6 parameter difference