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new product release | ls6 2 in 1 controller-爱游戏官网平台

2019-12-05 3050

1、six-port output two-in-one controller, with video processor and sending card function.

2、6 channels of high standard clear video signal input, including 1 channel dvi, 1 channel hdmi, 2 channels vga, 2 channels cvbs, the input signal can fade in and out during switching.

3、6 road network port output, can directly carry 3.9 million pixels, the widest 3840 pixels, the highest 1536 pixels.

4、with 4 channels of 3.5mm audio input signals, users can associate audio and video signals by themselves to complete synchronous switching between audio and video.

5、with dvi loop out, support multi - machine cascade infinite splicing.

6、support for dual screen display, and can arbitrarily adjust the screen size and position.

support one - click read back
support for one-click repair
support offline hardware screen adjustment