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release curve shaped splicing | kystar is the icing on the cake of haihua island international shopping center-爱游戏官网平台

2021-02-08 1321
haihua island in hainan, china is a world-famous artificial flower tourism island. it inherits the mission of the times, brings together hundreds of architects at home and abroad, and spends hundreds of billions to reconstruct the world cultural tourism territory.

haihua island international shopping center is located in haihua island, hainan. it is fashionable and elegant. it gathers more than 300 international luxury brands, and the world fashion trend is under control.

in the project of haihua island international shopping center, 5400 square meters of p20 large transparent screen needs to be controlled. the overall project uses up to 4000 groups of boxes with different shapes, and uses kommander f2 multimedia broadcast control server and ks9800 large video splicer to realize the broadcast control splicing of large special-shaped led screen.

kommander f2 multimedia broadcast control server and ks9800 large video splicer

this project breaks through the traditional display mode. kommander f2 server and ks9800 video splicer integrate the irregular loaded area through geometric correction, so that the whole large screen can be connected, the picture can be fused tightly, the display is complete and smooth, and create an advanced visual experience.

kommander f2 server can cut and reorganize the output ports arbitrarily, so that the screen shape driven by each output port is not limited by the rectangular output of the output port. at the same time, it makes the connection of the display screen with complex shape simple and plays a great role in the project.

scene control


the unique algorithm of kommander # f2 server constructs the rendering core, which can obtain smooth playback effect when processing high bit rate and high-resolution video, and solve the problem of jamming in large-resolution video playback.

the total resolution of the project signal is 9036 × 1105 output, while kommander f2 server stand-alone can be equipped with 4 channels of dp output as standard, and the resolution of each channel is up to 4k × 2k@60hz.

kommander  f2 server provides the ultimate effect for the external display of haihua island international shopping center.

special thanks to tiege technology for its trust and support!

look forward to working together again and making common progress!