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kystar helps 2021 china international import expo to ride the wind and waves and work together for the future!-爱游戏官网平台

2021-11-15 1987

the fourth china international import expo was held in shanghai on november 5. this time, more than 100 home appliance, home furnishing and technical equipment enterprises from all over the world attended the meeting. they focused on hot spots such as intelligent manufacturing, smart home, sustainable development and climate change, digital economy and smart city, and fully demonstrated their products and solutions in the fields of zero carbon urban planning and enterprise digital transformation.

in this expo, kommander f2 multimedia server appeared in the national convention and exhibition center (shanghai), escorting more than ten exhibition areas such as north square, phoenix contact, fosun travel culture, bosch, kpmg and jiaguoyuan at the same time, perfectly combining sound, light, electricity and art design to meet customer needs and help enterprises obtain greater business opportunities.


north square of the expo


the north square of the expo mainly displays the cultural customs of all ethnic groups. the intangible cultural heritage and chinese time-honored brands brought by many provinces across the country have become a unique landscape here. kommander f2 multimedia broadcast control server, relying on its unique frame synchronization technology, is capable of controlling 10m of north square × the 4m large screen is centrally controlled to ensure the stable output of the large screen to a great extent and show the world the profound, rich and diverse chinese culture.

jacco jiaguoyuan


kommander f2 multimedia server can arbitrarily cut and reorganize the output port, which makes the connection of complex shape display screen simple, and perfectly solves the problems that are prone to dislocation of splicing and asynchronous unit.


the powerful timeline function can be flexibly selected according to the needs of activities, easily edit programs, and play multiple videos in cycles, greatly reducing the workload of behind the scenes personnel.


it supports the hardware decoding function, provides ultra-high definition image quality for the video system from the source, and can carry out real-time dynamic optimization according to the image content, broaden the dynamic range of the image and create a perfect large screen display.


multiple output, multiple broken screens, small screens and one server are all completed to realize the real unified editing management.

phoenix contact  

support cascade expansion of multiple devices to complete 8k × n control of super resolution display screen.

the 4th china international expo has come to a successful conclusion. the wonderful stories of china international expo are still going on, and more wonderful stories of win-win cooperation and common destiny are still ahead. kaishida will continue to improve the service pattern, help more customers complete the creation of diversified scenes and all-round in-depth experience, provide high-quality audio-visual technology solutions, and help the ship of the world economy ride the wind and waves and travel steadily.