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training empowerment comprehensively improved kystar kaishida huben elite rotation training meeting was successfully completed!-爱游戏官网平台

2021-08-09 1977


in order to further improve the business level of enterprise technicians and salespeople, quickly master the necessary professional skills and improve work efficiency, kaishida marketing division held the "huben elite rotation training meeting" training activity in changsha, hunan province in july 2021 to train the company's technicians and salespeople in batches, so as to continuously empower the company's team and achieve win-win development!

the training activity is divided into three phases. the sales personnel and technicians were trained in corporate culture, business skills and customer service.



tutor lineup is strong, full score for explanation

in order to further improve the dimension and effectiveness of the training, the tutor team of this training course is composed of senior technical director, product manager and sales manager of kaishida. with a strong lineup and rich experience, it brings more professional training to each trainee.

in the training course, the tutors will explain in detail the application of each equipment product in each scene and the corresponding solutions. the trainees will exchange technology and experience with the tutors, which adds full gold content to the training.



combine practice with theory and get twice the result with half the effort

the tutors adhere to the training form of combining theory with practice, so that the students can understand the product functions in an all-round way, and improve the students' ability of product solution planning at the same time.




towards the end of the training, technicians and salespeople conducted different assessments to test the training results of these days. the examination test has added new vitality to all students, and the learning atmosphere has set off a small climax.



work together for win-win results

this training and study not only greatly improved the professional level of technicians and salespeople, but also increased their sense of identity and belonging to the enterprise. in the future, cassida hopes to seize the opportunity of the times together with all employees, continue to focus on deep cultivation of core technologies and explore more diversified display application solutions!