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welcome to kystar 2021 isle shenzhen exhibition is in progress...-爱游戏官网平台

2021-05-17 1302


on may 10, isle 2021 international large screen display technology exhibition opened in shenzhen. with many high-quality products and top-notch solutions, cassida made a wonderful appearance in this exhibition, presenting the latest excellent achievements of the led industry, exchanging industry development trends with industry friends, sharing professional platform knowledge, and making more people feel the charm of cassida technology.


the scheme of the exhibition area of cassida is mainly divided into three parts: the main exhibition area, the single product experience area and the static exhibition area, which attracted many guests to operate and experience, and the exhibition hall was bustling for a time.



exhibition visualization management solution

kapolo cloud central control system can view the playing picture of the display terminal, the signal content of the signal processing system, media files and scene plan in real time, and complete the multi terminal operation of visual system management. the multimedia server, splicer, audio / video matrix, intelligent motor, intelligent distribution box, transmission card and multi-function card can be connected, and the pre configured protocol instructions can be distributed through the mobile tablet to complete the centralized management and control of local server, external signal audio / video, curtain, screen power supply and brightness.


high quality led display solution

color master (cm technology for short) is a fine image optimization technology launched by cassida led control system products according to the characteristics of led display screen, which can bring qualitative improvement to the screen display effect. it has the following three characteristics:


1. grayscale enhanced display

compared with conventional display, cassida cm technology can obtain a higher gray level of led display image, so as to enrich the details of the image, especially the dark details.


2. fine gray scale calibration

carry out step-by-step calibration on the screen gray scale, and refine step-by-step calibration to make the gray scale transition uniform and present fine image quality.


3. low ash correction optimization

eliminate the low gray problems such as low gray color deviation and low gray pitting after correction, and ensure the point-by-point correction to obtain high-quality low gray effect.


special shaped led screen solution

more and more creative display screens have appeared in the application scenarios such as bars, ktvs, large-scale performances and exhibition halls. in order to meet the market demand, kaishida has launched high-quality creative display solutions, output segmentation and reorganization, visual simulation design, and easily solve the configuration and display problems of various creative screens.


experience area

kommander broadcast control (rental) experience area

the world's first video broadcast console integrates the multimedia server and video console in depth, increases the control of external signal input source and multi-channel splicing output while controlling the local media editing and broadcasting, and realizes the high security broadcast control of the whole system through kfs frame synchronization main and standby and kir intelligent monitoring technology.


intelligent video controller a4

a4 is an intelligent video controller launched by cassida for outdoor led large screen. it has multiple functions such as program broadcast control, signal processing, screen control, network management and so on. one outdoor large screen can be completed without a computer and can be used with a mouse and keyboard!


multi picture splicer ks9800 enhance

based on the reliable platform with high overall stability verified by nearly 10000 projects, the enhanced version inherits the excellent quality of the original splicer, supports network port output, can be directly connected to the receiving card with led screen, supports web page control, and enters the splicer ip address in the browser to enter the splicer configuration interface. the maximum load of a single machine is 270 million pixels.

8k lossless format player kt8

industry launch support 8k@60hz the player of lossless and uncompressed sequence frame format supports a variety of lossless and uncompressed effect formats, with a bandwidth throughput of 8.5gb/s, supports browser login operation and web page control, and has ultra-high stability.


kares cloud publishing system

kares cloud publishing system can cluster and manage all sub display systems through the network, so as to build a cross regional joint control display system; a multi-level organizational structure can be built according to the actual use scenario, so that users can quickly complete the regional information release and improve the operation efficiency.


kaige series multi picture processor ks9x9

ks9x9 is equipped with lcd monitoring screen to realize visual panel operation, built-in wifi hotspot and multi platform wireless screen projection (applicable to android, ios, windows and other system devices).


static exhibition area

the exhibition will last until may 13. welcome to g02, hall 10 of the convention and exhibition center to experience the latest products and technical solutions of cassida!


cylindrical led advertising screen broadcast control system in the south landing hall of the exhibition hall

all provided by cassida!