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kystar 2021 national led display industry boutique tour: shenzhen debut-爱游戏官网平台

2021-04-16 1275


"2021 national led display boutique tour" is jointly sponsored by china led engineering alliance and led screen display world magazine of shenzhen media. the tour will present the latest outstanding achievements of the led industry by displaying the high-quality products, technologies and solutions of led display enterprises, and provide an important platform for the cooperation and exchange of enterprises in the national led market, so as to achieve the goal of "group heating, resource sharing and win-win cooperation" and write a new chapter in 2021.


the exhibition tour will be launched in shenzhen on april 15, 2021. at that time, kystar will reveal how to build a smart display system for you, and sincerely invite each participant in the whole industry chain of led display industry to cooperate and communicate together and share achievements.