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2020-07-09 2715
live for the big picture


a single machine with 230 megapixel load

      ks9800 single machine supports up to 90 channels of input and 90 channels of output, complete 230 million pixels with load. multi-machine cascades can realize infinite extension of resolution.

16k super resolution point to point solution

     ks9800 supports kystar frame synchronization (kfs) technology, which can guarantee full frame synchronization of multiple servers when connected with kommander server, enabling point-to-point display of 16k or more super-resolution screens.



4k@60hz input and output modules

ks9800 can be flexibly configured with 180 channels of input and output signals.

hdmi2.0 and dp1.2 input support 3840×2160@60hz or 7680×1080@60hz resolutions, and support custom resolutions up to 10 million points.

hdmi2.0 output supports 3840×2160@60hz or 7680×1080@60hz resolutions, and supports custom resolutions up to 10 million points.



maximum 360 frames per unit

multiple input signal combination

the ks9800 single machine can support up to 360 images, and a single output can open up to 24 images, which can easily complete multi-screen control and multi-screen arbitrary layout display.



 ks9800 allows users to specify a combination of multiple input signals into a higher-resolution signal, such as combining 4-way 4k inputs into 1-way 8k inputs. after the combination, the combined signal can be directly operated such as screen window opening and screen switching, which is convenient for on-site use.




make it easy to manage


multiple management methods

ks9800 supports a variety of management methods:

through direct connection of network cable or lan access using pc side control software control management.

through access to lan or the internet using a browser for control management.

use mobile device app for control and management through wireless network.


live screen echo

local input monitor

   with the echo preview module, users can view the current output screen and the input signal screen in real time via computer or mobile phone, and can also use the monitor to monitor the input signal in real time.

the scene management

scene background editing

users can save different preset parameters as scenes, and can call with one key, up to 1000 scenes can be supported, and these scenes can be automatically rotated according to the set plan.

the upper computer software supports scene pre-editing, which can edit the layout of the next scene without affecting the current output of the device, and can be applied with one click.


group screen management

   the ks9800 supports up to eight groups of screen management, and the output resolution of each group of screen can be set separately to cope with the mixed control of multiple display terminals in irregular screens or complex scenes.

    packet screen synchronization - ks9800 can ensure that the different screen groups are fully synchronized, so there will be no tearing when the two groups of screens are displayed together.


presents the perfect visual effect

pure 3d display

ks9800 has pure 3d technology, which supports the processing of left and right, up and down, 120hz and other 3d signals, and the conversion of these formats is free, so that ordinary display screen has 3d display effect.

kystar hdr enhancement

ks9800 supports kystar hdr enhancement (k-hdr) technology, which enables real-time dynamic optimization based on the image content, widens the dynamic range of the image, enables ordinary images to obtain hdr display effect, and solves the pain point with fewer hdr video sources in the industry, thus bringing a shocking visual experience.

crossint mosaic technology

   ks9800 supports kvc crossint mosaic technology, which can effectively eliminate the phase difference between different mosaic modules, so as to avoid the sub-pixel level dislocation during the mosaic of the screen.


super resolution amplification technology

    ks9800 supports katv super resolution amplification technology, which can effectively eliminate edge serrate caused by image amplification and reduce out-of-focus blurring after image amplification.


make applications richer


caption overlay

input character overlay

     the user can use the control software to overlay text and text on the output screen of ks9800.

     in addition, characters can be superimposed on each input signal, and characters will change accordingly with the switching of input signals, so as to complete the marking display of input signals.


fetching reproduction

      ks9800 can capture the input signal screen and store it in the device as the base image. it can capture up to 15 4k base images, and supports the composition of multiple 4k base images into a base image with higher resolution, such as 8k base image. the base image supports arbitrary scaling.

color key matting and transparency adjustment

    all the pictures of ks9800 can achieve color key matting function, and support arbitrary transparency adjustment, achieve a variety of creative display.

make it safer to run

hot backup of input signal

redundant power supplies

      ks9800 supports hot backup of input signals. another input signal can be designated as backup signal for a certain input signal. when the signal is lost, the backup signal can be switched automatically to ensure broadcasting safety.


     ks9800 supports up to 4 power modules, which constitute redundancy between power modules to ensure normal operation of equipment.

multiple machine cascade & backup

      multiple ks9800 can be cascaded to build a display system with higher resolution, or a display system with high security level can be composed of main and standby modes.



hardware real-time monitoring and remote upgrade

    through the upper computer software, the user can monitor the ks9800 hardware temperature, self-test results, operation status and other information in real time, and alarm can be given immediately when problems are found. and can be remotely on the device program upgrade, so that the maintenance of the entire system is very simple.