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【new product release】es16: 16 ethernet ports 4k sending controller-爱游戏官网平台

2020-04-10 2693

es16 supports hdr (hdr10 and hlg standards), and supports the conversion of sdr video sources to hdr video, which solves the pain points of fewer hdr video sources and greatly improves the display effect of led displays.

16 ethernet ports with the resolution of 10 million pixels

es16 supports 16 ethernet port outputs, which resolution is up to 10 million pixels. the maximum horizontal resolution is 8,000 pixels and the maximum vertical resolution is 4,000 pixels.


4k controller/ 4*2k controllers

es16 is equipped with one dp1.2 and hdmi2.0, which resolution can reach up to 10 million pixels at 60hz and supports custom resolution.

at the same time, es16 is also equipped with 4 dvi inputs, each channel of dvi supports 2.5 million pixels custom resolution.

4 dvi inputs can combine together to be a 4k inputs, or be used separately to form 4 independent 2k controllers.

kfs frame synchronization technology

ksf (kystar frame synchronization) technology is used to ensure that each kommander sever works synchronously.

it enables es16 and kommander servers to form a large resolution display solution of multi machine synchronous cascade.


3d display

es16 supports both 2d and 3d display modes. users can switch display mode by just pressing one key on the device panel.