integration of sound and light


k-shock can intelligently associate sound, light, and video, and as an intelligent master control, it can automatically coordinate various devices to complete field integration work.

vod track linkage


k-shock t4/t8 is compatible with ktv song ordering systems of major mainstream manufacturers on the market.

it can automatically associate different scenes according to the track, and adjust the lighting and screen playback accordingly.

cloud material update


k-shock t4/t8 can build a large amount of light and shadow materials without external video signals.

open various scenes, and users can update materials at any time through the internet to keep up with the trend.

test-free audio intelligent recognition


without complex debugging, k-shock t4/t8 can intelligently analyze the currently connected audio signal.

real-time adjustment of lighting, video effects and intelligent vj according to the rhythm of the music

wechat barrage linkage


users can scan through wechat, switch materials, send barrage and pictures, and display them on the on-site display screen to achieve atmospheric interaction.

on-screen webcast


k-shock t4/t8 supports rstp, rmtp network live streaming, matching corresponding equipment to watch live network content such as football games, tv and live shows.

compatible with wall plate controls


the device reserves a wallboard control port, which is convenient for users to connect to the wallboard controller and quickly switch working mode.

integrated led send


k-shock t4/t8 integrates led sending controllers, which can be directly connected to all kystar led receiving card products. the t4 supports 2.35 million pixels, and the t8 supports 4.7 million pixels.