kp2k&kp4k(lcd asynchronous play box)-爱游戏官网平台

four layers of care, making the unattended scene stable as a rock


• wireless connection care;

• software/hardware watchdog;

• in some harsh environments, factors such as strong interference cause the program to run away and the system to crash. in the absence of human intervention, if the software watchdog cannot solve the problem, the hardware watchdog will play a role. the combination of software and hardware can solve 98% of the problems. abnormal, automatically restore the normal working state of the system;

• re-power on and take care--original design.



hdmi 1080p/4k hd out


hdmi can be directly output to lcd display or output to 2-in-1 video processor/video processor.

support horizontal and vertical screen switching


the multimedia information release box functions by rotating the screen. it can switch between horizontal and vertical screens, and can arrange content layout arbitrarily, which is suitable for different usage scenarios.



multi-window material playback


it has excellent multimedia playback capabilities, supports multiple formats of video, pictures, audio, text and various colorful text forms, and the standard 60hz output runs more smoothly.

it has a powerful ability to open windows, and supports simultaneous playback of 3 1080p or 5 720p video windows and more than 10 picture windows.


kares cloud play and control system


support cluster broadcast control system based on cloud platform. the pandora display terminals distributed in different locations can be connected to the kares broadcast control system through the lan or the internet to realize the cluster display control of one person managing thousands of screens.

professional program editing and play


program editing can be carried out through the kystar pe multimedia editing management software on the pc side. kystar pe has professional video optimization and program arrangement capabilities, and can cope with complex playback requirements;

at the same time, real-time program editing can also be performed through the mobile app "pandora's box", wireless connection, convenient and fast.

safe and reliable encryption function to prevent others from operating


multiple peripheral interfaces are reserved on board, and optional brightness sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, power relays and other sensors can be customized to detect the brightness of the environment in real time to realize intelligent adjustment of screen brightness;

at the same time, the relay can be linked with the temperature and humidity sensor to quickly respond to turn on the air conditioning fan according to the environmental conditions, so that the large screen can work in a comfortable environment and extend the working life of the screen.

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