8k processing, industry flagship


·the entire link supports the acquisition, processing, and transmission of 8k ultra high definition video signals, with video image resolution up to 4:4:4 in all rgb color gamut.

·supports hdmi2.1 and dp1.4 inputs, with a maximum single interface resolution of 8kx4k.


multiple interfaces, super loading


1. input interfaces: dhdmi2.1, dp1.4, hdmi2.0, dp1.2, 12g-sdi, hdmi1.4, hdmi1.3, dvi, 3g-sdi, ip, hdbaset, cvbs, and vga;

2. output interfaces: dvi, hdmi1.3, hdmi2.0, dp1.2, and hdbaset;

3. audio transmission: embedded audio input and 3.5mm audio output, supporting screen audio linkage management;

4. a single device can support up to 40 channels simultaneously 4k@60hz input and 32 channels 4k@60hz output;

5. a single device can support up to 160 2k inputs and 128 2k outputs simultaneously.


massive layers, any layout


1. a single screen supports up to 8 scrolling subtitles;

2. single export supports a maximum of 24 layers;

3. a single machine can support a maximum of 192 layers;

4. the signal source can be windowed, roamed, and scaled at any position on the screen wall, making it easy to achieve multi layer and arbitrary layout display.


web controlled intelligent experience


adopting b/s control, no software installation required, and not limited by the operating system;

multi user real-time synchronization, fast response, simple operation, and a brand new experience.



3d display vivid visual field


supports various 3d format signal inputs and outputs such as left and right, up and down, and 120hz, providing a more realistic and immersive experience.

visual management, what you see is what you get


standard input echo, which can achieve real-time input echo; support output monitoring, with adjustable monitoring layout, achieving safe and smooth content playback and convenient operating experience.

intelligent monitoring, abnormal warning


the ke series splicing server supports real-time monitoring of the hardware of all modules, and early warning of failures; supports online self-inspection of equipment, which can quickly locate equipment failures and greatly reduce equipment operation and maintenance costs.



multiple backups, security


support device configuration and user data backup;

support control card backup;

support input and output backup;
support redundant power supply.


integrated management, intelligent experience


ke series splicing server is equipped with kapollo central control system, which can not only visually control the media server, but also centrally manage the surrounding audio system, lighting system, power system and other program-controlled equipment (such as electric curtains, rail motors, etc.); each device connected to the system can follow the content played on the display screen to respond accordingly, realizing the automatic operation of the entire scene.



more features

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