outdoor screen,all in one

la400is an intelligent video controller launched by kystar for outdoor led large screens.

a powerful intelligent core is wrapped under the gorgeous appearance, making it both program broadcast control,

signal processing, screen control, network management and other multiple functions, all in one!


kommander os

no need for a computer, just plug in the mouse and keyboard to control!

4 is equipped with kommander os embedded system,users can directly use the mouse and keyboard to operate the device,

 and can complete the screen debugging, signal switch, playback control and other operations without connecting the computer,

 which is convenient and efficient, and can effectively prevent virus intrusion at the same time.


simultaneity and asynchronism mixed broadcast system

la400 has a built-in 50gb storage space (supporting usb expansion). with the professional multimedia processing ability of kommander os, it can easily complete the playback and visual arrangement of high-definition video, audio, pictures, office documents and other media files.

la400 can access five channels of external video signals, such as dvi × 2, hdmi × 1, vga × 1, cvbs × 1, etc. in addition to presenting different external signals like ordinary controllers, it can also realize mixed playing of external video signals and local media files.


onscreen remote control


la400 supports the use of a remote control for operation. when the user is operating, the corresponding menu system will appear on the display screen, which can quickly realize a variety of functions such as large screen power switch, file selection, program selection, wireless projection settings and streaming television play, bringing the user smart tv like experience.




iot central control

la400 not only comes with a power control module to control the power supply of the display screen, but also can centrally control various devices connected to the network through a local area network, such as electric curtains, lighting, and audio video matrices.



multi screen fusion playback

la400 supports up to 5 video frames to be played simultaneously, and can achieve mixed playback of external video signals and internal media file content. through the kommander os embedded system, users can easily complete wysiwyg program editing, and seamless special effect switching can be achieved between different programs.





four network port transmission control

la400 has 4-way gigabit network port output, which can be directly connected with led receiving card to complete 1920 × 1080@60hz the display is loaded.



dual wifi wireless control

la400 supports the visual wireless control of mobile phone and ipad app, and supports the dual-mode operation of wifi sta and wifi ap at the same time. as a wifi hotspot,la400 can access other wireless networks at the same time.

kares cloud publishing system

la400  can access kares cloud publishing system through wired network, wifi, 4g and other ways to realize remote multi node cluster control.

multi platform wireless screen projection

la400 has a built-in wifi hotspot, which enables intelligent devices of different systems such as android, ios, and windows to directly display content on the screen wirelessly.



environmental sensor interface

la400 supports the access of environmental sensors, which can automatically adjust the picture brightness according to the ambient brightness, monitor the temperature and humidity changes and other functions.



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