kares cloud publishing system-爱游戏官网平台

centralized control and unified management

b/s mode, no need to install any plug-ins and software, the browser can be opened to access.
support wide area network, local area network, 4g network remote release control, cross-region, cross-province, and multi-network easy networking.



clear organization structure management

organizations can implement hierarchical and multi-level management of users, terminals, materials, playlists, etc., and users under the specified organizational structure can manage the terminals under the corresponding organizations.



flexible user rights management

user authorization is flexible. in addition to the roles of administrator, operator, and guest, it is also convenient to customize various user roles, and pass on and pass on the guarantee information accurately



real-time monitoring of terminal status

kares monitors the running status of the terminal in real time and obtains the playback screen. the user knows the terminal status without leaving the house, and the management is safe and controllable.



fast terminal cluster control

one-key batch control for setting volume, adjusting brightness, switching screen, restarting, uploading and playing programs, etc



wysiwyg program editing

kares supports drag-and-drop program scheduling. wysiwyg programming mode allows customers to know the terminal playback effect.
at the same time, it can play a variety of information combinations such as audio and video, pictures, subtitles, and the window position can be adjusted arbitrarily; it solves the contradiction that only the advertising attention is reduced or only entertainment programs have no advertising value.



simple and clear program schedule release

the concise program publishing interface easily realizes multi-directional control of the playback time, sequence, frequency, content and other columns, and releases programs in an orderly manner.
     support multiple playback modes: loop, timing, immediate insertion, and timing insertion; emergency content can be inserted at a fixed          time and at a fixed time without affecting the original program schedule to quickly respond to emergency playback.



breakpoint resume, terminal storage intelligent optimization

support breakpoint resuming, saving time and money; intelligent management of terminal storage, the same material will not be uploaded multiple times, when the memory is insufficient, the old program is automatically overwritten.



powerful material management

support batch uploading of materials, rich in material formats; can be permanently saved on the cloud platform for easy sharing.
material management supports grouping, classification, search and search, preview and other functions, which can quickly locate the required material.



all media fusion release

realize the full-media fusion release of multi-terminal and multi-scenes of led screens, splicing screens, advertising screens, mobile advertising vehicles, etc.



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