four fold care, making unmanned scenes as stable as rocks

• wireless connection guard

• software/hardware watchdog

•in some harsh environments, strong interference and other factors can cause programs to fly and the system to crash. in the absence of human intervention, if the software watchdog cannot solve the problem, the hardware watchdog will play a role. the combination of software and hardware can solve 98% of anomalies and automatically restore the system to normal working conditions.

• re powered care - original design

product feature

  • four network ports 2.35 million/1.3 million pixels load
  • free switching between online and offline modes
  • full-screen arbitrary zoom display
  • hdmi output display
  • multi-format multi-window mixing edit
  • professional programming
  • kares cloudy release system





four network ports 2.35 million/1.3 million pixel load


kp4h&kp2h four-way network port output supports maximum of 2.35 million pixels, max width 3840 pixels, max 2000 pixels, and supports wider and higher screens through software fold function.





free switching between online and offline mode


default hdmi input priority mode, and auto switch to hdmi display when there is an external hdmi connection;

users can switch between online and offline display by one key of mobile phone/computer/front panel lever, which is convenient and quick.





full-screen arbitrary zoom display


kp2h&kp4h has a built-in powerful video processing module, which can scale the input signal, whether it is an ultra-long screen or an ultra-high screen, it can be displayed on the full screen; at the same time, the displayed area and position can be adjusted according to needs, so as to achieve partial and maintain proportional display.





hdmi out display


kp2h&kp4h supports hdmi output, which can be connected to various processors, two-in-one and lcd screens.





multi-format multi-window mixing


it has excellent multimedia playback capabilities, supports multiple formats of video, pictures, audio, text and a variety of colorful text forms, and the standard 60hz output is more fluent.

it has a powerful opening ability window, and supports playing 3 pcs 1080p or 5 pcs 720p video windows and more than 10 picture windows at the same time.





professional programming


program editing can be done through the pc-side kystar pe multimedia editing management software. kystar pe has professional video optimization and program scheduling capabilities, which can cope with complex playback requirements;

at the same time, you can also perform instant program editing through the mobile app "pandora's box", wireless connection, convenient and fast.





kares cloudy release system


support cloud platform-based cluster broadcast control system. pandora display terminals distributed in different locations can be connected to the kares broadcast control system through a local area network or the internet to realize cluster display control of one person managing thousands of screens.