ultra-thin chassis with more features


ultra-thin , the volume remains the same as kp1 and kp2 while integrating more functions, optional 4g module, relay switch, temperature and humidity and brightness sensor interface;

the ultra-low power consumption industrial-grade main chip is selected, which can operate stably in extreme environments of -30~80°c.







big screen personal butler


several interfaces are reserved on the board, and brightness sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, power relays, etc. can be customized and matched.

the sensor detects the brightness of the environment in real time and realizes intelligent adjustment of the screen brightness;

at the same time, the relay can be linked with the temperature and humidity sensor to quickly turn on the air-conditioning fan according to the environmental conditions, so that the led screen can work in a comfortable environment and prolong the working life of the screen.



professional programming


can edit program through the pc-side kystar pe multimedia editing management software. kystar pe has professional video optimization and program scheduling capabilities, which can cope with complex playback requirements;

at the same time, you can also perform instant program editing through the mobile app "pandora's box", wireless connection, convenient and fast.







multi-format multi-window


it has excellent multimedia playback capabilities, supports multiple formats of video, pictures, audio, text and a variety of colorful text forms, and the standard 60hz output is more fluent.

it has a powerful multi windows play ability, and supports playing 3 pcs 1080p or 5 pcs 720p video windows and more than 10 picture windows at the same time.







kares cloud release system


support cloud platform-based cluster playback control system. pandora display terminals distributed in different locations can be connected to the kares playback control system through local area network or the internet to realize cluster display control of one person managing thousands of screens.







the whole scene is unattended


built-in multiple watchdog design solutions, all-weather care, to ensure 7x24 hours of stable operation.

optional 3-way power relay, time switch external equipment power supply, such as the large screen can be turned off when not in use, energy saving and environmental protection.

users can set schedules to realize unattended scenes such as timed switching of programs, signal sources, and switch screens.










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