single network port 650,000 pixel load


kp1&kp2 single network port can load up to 650,000 pixels,

the output of the kp2 machine supports max of 1.3 million pixels.

the max width is 3840 pixels, the maximum is 2000 pixels,

at the same time, it supports downloading updates through software mapping.

can load wider and taller screens.







various connection methods for stable communication


local network connection: it can access the network through the router for mobile phone and computer connection, and supports wireless configuration screen;

network cable direct connection: it can directly establish communication with the computer through the network cable;

wifi hotspot: the mobile device connects the wifi hotspot sent by the box for wireless communication;

u-disk transmission: support u-disk to release programs, u-disk to adjust screen, set large screen brightness, etc







multi format and multi window mixing


it has excellent multimedia playback capability, supports multiple formats of video, pictures, audio, text and various colorful text forms, and the standard 60hz output is more fluent.

it has a powerful window opening ability, and supports playing 3 1080p or 5 720p video windows and more than 10 picture windows at the same time.







professional program editing and upload


professional program editing and upload can be carried out through pc kystar pe multimedia editing and management software. kystar pe has professional video optimization and program scheduling capabilities and can meet complex playback requirements;

at the same time, you can also edit real-time programs through the mobile app "pandora's box", with wireless connection, which is convenient and fast.





kares cloud system


support cloud platform-based cluster playback control system. pandora display terminals distributed in different locations can be connected to the kares broadcast control system through a local area network or the internet to realize cluster display control of one person managing thousands of screens.