four ethernet ports outputs with 1.3 million pixels


es4-3d supports 4 ethernet port outputs, its resolution is up to 1.3 million pixels in 3d mode.the maximum horizontal resolution is 2,000 pixels and the maximum vertical resolution is 2,000 pixels.





2d/3d one-button switching


es4-3d supports both 2d and 3d display modes. users can switch display mode by just pressing one key on the device panel.





environment brightness detection


es4-3d supports the data input of light sensor, so that the screen can automatically adjust the display brightness according to the brightness of the environment.





data-read-back and easy recovery


with the data-read-back function, users can quickly get the correct configuration parameters from the receiving card when replacing the controller.

with the easy recovery function, when the user changes the receiving card, es4-3d can resend the configuration which stored in the device , so as to complete the system recovery without reconfiguring the parameters.





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